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Part of speech: Verb

To cleave or separate with a sharp instrument; make an incision in; divide; trim; intersect; diminish; colloquially, to pass deliberately without recognition; wound deeply; divide ( a pack of cards) at random; colloquially, to absent oneself from; as, to cut a class.

Part of speech: Verb

To make an incision; do the work of a sharp instrument; as, the knife cuts well; to make a short cut by going across; as, we cut across the field.

Part of speech: Noun

An incision or wound made by a sharp instrument; gash; a sharp stroke; a slight; a groove, made by digging; a slice; a straight, short passage; as, a short cut to a place; a block on which an engraving is made; the fashion of a garment; shape; colloquially, the deliberate ignoring of an acquaintance; the division of a pack of cards; one of several pieces used in drawing lots; a reduction in price.

Part of speech: Past tense


Part of speech: Past participle


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