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Part of speech: Noun

That which is correct; that which accords with truth, justice, propriety, virtue, etc., opposite to wrong; that to which one has a moral or legal claim; as, to defend one's rights; the right- hand side.

Part of speech: Verb

To restore to proper position; as, the canoe righted itself; make correct; do justice to; as, to right a person unfaisly treated.

Part of speech: Verb

To recover the natural position.

Part of speech: Adjective

According to truth, justice, or law; correct; true; correct in opinion, etc.; not mistaken; as, he is always right; fit; suitable; as, the right man for the position; having one line or plane perpendicular to another; as, a right angle; pertaining to the side opposite the left; well; healthy; as, to feel all right; made to be worn outward; as, the right side of cloth.

Part of speech: Adverb

In a straight line; directly; as, he stood right in my way; justly; as, to act right; correctly; properly; as, nothing has been done right; precisely; you are wrong right there; very; as, right honorable.

Part of speech: Noun


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