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Part of speech: Preposition

Denoting nearness, association, or connection; as, he had been with the firm for years; indicating the instrument of an action; indicating agreement; as he went with my permission; indicating opposition; as, to fight with a german; indicating result; as, left with no money.

Part of speech: Noun

A tough, flexible twig, especially of willow, used as a fastening or for binding a fascine, or fagot used for filling ditches, raising batteries, etc.; a band made of twigs twisted together.

Usage examples "with":
  • And with what, I'd like to see? - "The Wandering Jew, Book VIII.", Eugene Sue.
  • But with Tausig- What? - "In the Bishop's Carriage", Miriam Michelson.
  • What has she to do with you? - "The Splendid Folly", Margaret Pedler.