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Part of speech: Adjective

Not long, either in space, distance, or time; not tall; brief; scant; not having enough; as, short of cash; not coming up to a measure, standard, requirement, etc.; as, the rule is too short; abrupt, uncivil, or cross; as, she received a short answer; not retentive; as, a short memory; in financial usage, not possessing at the time of selling; as, to be short of copper; crisp or crumbly; as, short piecrust; brief in utterance, as a vowel or a syllable.

Part of speech: Noun

Something that is short; one who sells stocks which he does not at that time possess.

Part of speech: Adverb

Abruptly, curtly; of selling, not in possession of the goods sold; as, to sell stocks short.

Part of speech: Noun


Part of speech:


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