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Part of speech: Noun

Physical or mental effort directed to some end or purpose; toil or labor; occupation or employment; a task or duty; something accomplished; a work of art; motion accomplished against a force tending to resist it; in physcics, the product of the force acting on a body and the distance the body is moved in line with the force.

Part of speech: Verb

To put out mental or physical effort for some purpose; to toil or labor; to act or operate; to be occupied in some business or profession; to progress or move, etc., slowly and with difficulty; to ferment, as wine.

Part of speech: Verb

To make, fashion, or shape; to cause; as, to work confusion; to manage or operate; to set or keep in motion; to cause to labor; to accomplish with effort; to excite or provoke; to influence or control.

Part of speech: Noun


Part of speech: Past tense

Worked or wrought.

Part of speech: Past participle


Usage examples "work":