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Part of speech: Adverb


Part of speech: Adjective

Not shut; not obstructed; as, an open path; unfastened; clear of trees; as, open country; unfolded or spread out; as, an open flower; ready to hear or receive; as, an open mind; ready to be affected by; as, open to suggestion, temptation, etc.; uncovered or exposed; as, an open secret; unsealed; as, the letter was open; not frozen nor frosty; as, an open winter; clear, unreserved; as, open criticism; public; as, an open meeting; generous; as, to give with open hand; frank; as, open confession; free for use, entrance, etc.; as, the competition is still open.

Part of speech: Verb

To unclose, as a window; to spread out, as a fan; to begin; as, to open the discussion; to break the seal of or untie, as an envelope or package; to remove obstructions from; as, to open a road; to put in operation; as, to open a store.

Part of speech: Verb

To unclose itself; commence; to lead into; as, the door opens into the hall.

Part of speech: Noun

Any wide space uninclosed and not covered with trees, rocks, etc.: with the.

Part of speech: Noun

Openness, opener.

Usage examples "open":