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Part of speech: Noun

A large, heavy wild animal which lives on flesh, and insects; the name of two groups of stars in the northern hemisphere called the Great Bear and the Little Bear; one who attempts to lower the value of stock in order to buy cheap; opposite to bull; a rude, uncouth, or brutal person.

Part of speech: Verb

To support or hold up; carry or convey; suffer or endure; be answerable for, as blame; possess, wear, or use; have in or on; contain; keep, especially in the mind; as, to bear no malice; admit or be capable of; as, his life will not bear examination; bring forth or produce; as, the oak tree bears acorns; used passively with.

Part of speech: Past participle

Born; as, a child was born.

Part of speech: Verb

To be capable of supporting; be fruitful; to press, or weigh upon or against; tend; be related; take effect; be situated.

Part of speech: Past tense

Bore, bare.

Part of speech: Participle


Part of speech: Participle


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