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Part of speech: Past tense

Of the auxiliary verb will; used, first, in indirect discourse to express simple futurity or determination from the standpoint of past time, according to the rule for the use of will in direct discourse; as, expressing simple futurity, I said he would go; he said he should go; expressing determination. he siad he would go; I said he should go; used, second, to express a wish ; as, I would I had acted differently; used, third, to express a usual or customary occurrence; as, last summer we would often take long walks; used, fourth, to express what is likely; as, that would make trouble.

Usage examples "would":
  • Well, would you like to come? - "Virgin Soil", Ivan S. Turgenev.
  • Think what it would mean to us! - "Prison Memoirs of an Anarchist", Alexander Berkman.
  • Would you- Oh, would you! - "Mary Rose of Mifflin", Frances R. Sterrett.