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Part of speech:

A Latin prefix.

Usage examples "ab":
  • " Servetur ad imum Qualis ab incepto processerit," should be kept in view as to every character and every string of action. - "Autobiography of Anthony Trollope", Anthony Trollope.
  • " I expect," said Jud, " it was his ganglin' son- in- law, Ab." - "Dwellers in the Hills", Melville Davisson Post.
  • Habent videlicet animalia pleraque omnia, bina latera, dextrum et sinistrum, forma consimili: et in lateribus illis, a posteriore quidem corporis sui parte, pedes binos; ab anteriori autem parte, binos armos, vel pedes, vel alas, humeris affixos: interque humeros collum, in spinam excurrens, cui affixum est caput; in eoque capite binas aures, binos oculos, nasum, os et linguam; similiter posita omnia, in omnibus fere animalibus. - "Surgical Anatomy", Joseph Maclise.