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Part of speech: Noun

A female sovereign, or woman who rules in her own right; the wife of a king; a gifted woman who is a natural leader; as, a social queen; the only perfect female of a swarm of bees ( queen bee) or a colony of ants; a playing card on which is a picture of a queen; a piece in chess; the best or chief of her kind.

Part of speech: Verb

To rule as, or play the part of, a sovereign or leader.

Usage examples "queen":
  • If the Queen will. - "The Three Heron's Feathers", Hermann Sudermann.
  • Well, I am queen. - "The Rebel of the School", Mrs. L. T. Meade.
  • " And see both the Queen and myself," answered the Prince. - "New National Fourth Reader", Charles J. Barnes and J. Marshall Hawkes.