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Part of speech: Preposition

In higher position, authority, dignity, excellence, or value than; above; upon; as, to carry a shawl over one's arm; across; as, to jump over a ditch; more than; as, he spent over ten dollars; throughout; as, to stay over the week- end.

Part of speech: Adverb

From beginning to end: as, to talk the matter over; from one to another; as, to make over property; from one side to the other; as, to go over to the enemy; in excess; as, all that is left over; so as to bring the opposite side up; as, to turn a coin over; so as to be upright no longer; as, to topple over; from end to end; throughout; as, a landscape dotted over with trees; once again; as, I will do it over; across the brim; as, the kettle boiled over.

Part of speech: Adjective

Higher; superior; as, an over- lord.

Usage examples "over":