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Part of speech: Adjective

Regular; as, an orderly arrangement; methodical; systematic; as, an orderly worker; well conducted or regulated; as, an orderly meeting; peaceable; as, an orderly crowd; charged, on military duty, with the carrying of commands; as, an orderly officer.

Part of speech: Adverb


Part of speech: Noun

A soldier who attends upon an officer to carry his orders; a man who acts as general attendant in a hospital.

Part of speech: Noun


Usage examples "orderly":
  • In about an hour an orderly called me. - "Notes of a staff officer of our First New Jersey Brigade on the Seven Day's Battle on the peninsula in 1862", E. Burd Grubb.
  • We pretend that we like the orderly, the beautiful, the pleasant. - "The Complete Essays of C. D. Warner", Charles Dudley Warner.
  • At the door of the general's quarters an orderly halted them. - "The Boy Allies Under the Sea", Robert L. Drake.