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Part of speech: Adjective

Pertaining to me.

Part of speech: Pronoun

An opening made in the earth, from which minerals, precious stones, etc., are taken; crude iron- stone; an abundant store; a rich source of wealth; a tunnel under an enemy's works to blow them up; a receptacle filled with explosives, moored beneath, or on, the water, the firing of which destroys or hinders an enemy.

Part of speech: Noun

To carry on the work of digging for metals, etc.; to dig a mine; to burrow; practice secret methods; to lay explosives ( in a harbor).

Part of speech: Verb

To undermine or sap, as an enemy's works; to destroy slowly; to dig in for ore or metals; to make or get by digging underground; as, to mine a tunnel, or to mine coal.

Usage examples "mine":