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Part of speech: Past participle


Part of speech: Verb

To pull along or haul; suck in; pull out; force our; to extend in length; stretch; disembowel; as, to draw a fowl; take or bring or bring out, as water; a number in a lottery, etc.; to represent on paper with a pen or pencil; to write in legal form; require to float in; as, the vessel draws twenty feet of water; inhale; as, to draw a sigh; attract or allure; receive; leave undecided; as, to draw a game.

Part of speech: Verb

Act as an inducement; shrink; take, pull, or force something out; move; as, to draw near; to be pulled; to practice the art of making pictures with a pen or pencil; to write a formal demand for money, supplies, etc; as, you may draw on the bank for the amount; to allow a current of air to pass; as, the chimney draws well.

Part of speech: Noun

The act of drawing; a game left undecided.

Part of speech: Past tense


Part of speech: Participle


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