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Part of speech: Adjective

Not thin; having considerable distance between two opposite surfaces; as, a thick book; not slender; as, a thick staff; closely set, as trees; dense; as, a thick cloud; crowded; not clear; as, the air was thick; misty; muddy; dull or stupid; colloquially, very intimate; indistinct, as speech.

Part of speech: Adverb

Closely; as, thick and fast they came.

Part of speech: Noun

The densest part: as, the thick of the fight.

Part of speech: Adverb


Part of speech: Noun


Usage examples "thick":
  • The whole air was thick with lead. - "On Land And Sea At The Dardanelles", Thomas Charles Bridges.
  • Calonice: " And is it thick, too'?" - "The Satyricon, Complete", Petronius Arbiter.