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Part of speech: Past tense


Part of speech: Verb

To hit with force; inflict a blow upon; to give or deal; as, to strike a blow; dash against; collide with; as, the ship struck the rocks; lower or take down; as, the ship struck her colors; cause to sound; as, to strike a gong; produce by friction; as, to strike a match; coin or stamp with a die; affect suddenly and strongly; as, to be struck with pity; light upon; make, as a bargain.

Part of speech: Verb

To deal a quick blow or thrust; make an attack; hit; collide; to run against a rock, etc., as a ship; sound as a result a blow, as a clock; to lower a flag or sail, as a sign of respect or submission; cease from work in order to secure better conditions.

Part of speech: Noun

A stopping of work in order to secure higher wages, shorter hours, etc.; an unexpected success; as, a lucky strike in mining.

Part of speech: Past participle

Struck, stricken.

Part of speech: Participle


Usage examples "strike":