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Part of speech: Verb

To close, as a hole or opening, by filling, covering, etc.; close the opening of; hence, to stanch ( a wound); to hinder, check, or impede; as, sobs stopped her utterance; make impassable; as, to stop a passage; to arrest the progress of; as, to stop a car; to cause to cease; as, to stop a noise; desist from.

Part of speech: Verb

To cease; to come to an end; as, the noise stopped; colloquially, to tarry; stay.

Part of speech: Noun

The act of stopping; state of being stopped; a hindrance or check; a pause or delay; a device for regulating the pitch of a musical instrument; one of a series of organ pipes; mark used in punctuation.

Part of speech: Past tense


Part of speech: Past participle


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