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Part of speech: Past tense


Part of speech: Past participle

A small branch or shoot cut off a tree; a long, thin piece of wood; something similar in shape to such a piece; as, a stick of candy; a rod or wand to be held in the hand, as a cane.

Part of speech: Noun

To push or thrust so as to penetrate something; as, to stick a pin in a cushion; pierce with a pointed instrument; as, to stick a finger with a pin; stab; kill by thrusting a pointed instrument through; as, to stick pigs; to push or poke; as, to stick out one's foot; cause to adhere.

Part of speech: Verb

To be held or fixed by being thrust in; as, a pin sticks in a cushion; be pushed outward or forward; protrude; with up, out, from, through; to hold to a surface; adhere; as, dough sticks to the hands; cling closely; as, to stick to a cause; to be stopped from going farther; as, the cart stuck in the mud; be puzzled; hesitate: with at; as, he will stick at nothing to gain his ends.

Part of speech: Verb


Part of speech: Noun


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