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Part of speech: Noun

The underground part of a plant which fixes it in the earth and serves to absorb moisture and nourishment; an edible underground part of a plant, as a potato; anything like a root; an ancestor; the part of an organ that is most deeply embedded; as, the root of a hair or finger nail; that from which anything has its origin; cause; as, laziness is the root of his poverty; the lower part of a thing; foundation; a quantity which, multiplied by itself a given number of times, produces a given quantity; as, 2 is the second or square root of 4; the part of a word, without prefix or suffix, which expresses its primary or essential meaning.

Part of speech: Verb

To plant and fix in the earth; to dig up with the snout; with out or up; to tear up or out; with out or up.

Part of speech: Verb

To take root; to be firmly fixed or established; to turn up the earth with the snout.

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