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Part of speech: Noun

The fourth part of anything; twenty- five ( often, twenty- eight) pounds, one- fourth of a hundred- weight; one- fourth of a ton; in England, eight bushels; the fourth part of the moon's monthly revolution; three months, a fourth of a year; one- half of a term at school; fifteen minutes, a fourth of an hour; twenty- five cents, a fourth of a dollar; a silver coin of this value; one of the four points of the compass, as north, south, etc.; a part of the globe; a particular place or district; afterpart of a ship's side; one of the four limbs of an animal with the parts near it; as, a quarter of lamb; life granted to a captive or enemy; mercy; as, to give no quarter; the place or source from which anything comes; as, you may expect trouble from that quarter.

Part of speech: Verb

To divide into four equal parts; furnish with lodgings, food, etc., as soldiers; station.

Part of speech: Adjective


Usage examples "quarter":