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Part of speech: Verb

To separate into parts or pieces by a blow or strain; to force open; as, to break open a door; to interrupt or disconnect; as, to break silence, to break ranks; to fracture, as a bone; weaken or destroy; as, to break a fall; to scatter; with up; ad, to break up a party; to set aside or fail to obey, as a promise or a law; to degrade, as an officer to the ranks; to tell cautiously; as, to break bad news; tame, as a horse; to dig up; as, to break ground.

Part of speech: Verb

To separate into parts or pieces suddenly or violently; to begin or change suddenly; to fail, as in health, strength, credit, etc.; to burst; to burst forth violently, as a storm; to be scattered, as clouds; to cease to be friendly ( with).

Part of speech: Noun

An opening; an open place; an interruption; a first appearance or marked change; as, the break of day; a pause; a sudden fall in prices; as, a break in the stock market; an abrupt change in the musical quality of a tone; as, a break in a boy's voice.

Part of speech: Past tense


Part of speech: Participle


Part of speech: Participle


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